Ricochet Kills 5

Since it started, Ricochet Kills has produced 3 games and one Players Pack making for 4 games in the series. The fifth installment Ricochet Kills 5, is essentially a combination of Ricochet Kills 2 and 3, which isn’t a bad thing. It incorporates elements of both games making this probably the most balanced and playable game of the series. Not much is added but everything good about the previous installments have returned and have been combined.

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As always, you play as the hitman who must mow down his targets with a trick shot that ricochets and bounces around the environment. To aid you in your path of destruction, are objects in the environment that can wipe out your targets when fired at properly. As in the first 3 games, these are the explosive barrel, the rolling ball, the box, and the falling blocks.

The gameplay is just like the previous games but unlike the 2nd installment where a lot of destruction to the environment was emphasized, or the 3rd where aiming your shot was critical, here it’s more of a combination of both.


Controls have never changed since the first game. Aim by simply moving the mouse, and shoot by pressing the left click button. In spite of it’s simple control scheme, there is a lot of skill involved.


Just like the controls, the gameplay has changed little since it’s introduction. Take down multiple targets by your trick ricochet shot. This can be done by the bullet bouncing all over the environment, or by shooting at the objects which can take down multiple targets. The barrel, when it explodes, can take down all the targets in it’s blast radius. The wrecking ball can roll over the targets in it’s way. The box, though essentially indestructible, can be moved by your shot and when it bumps a target, kills it. These are the numerous ways to take down a target in the game. Use them wisely, as the catch is, the targets are sometimes placed in places that are hard to reach, so you’ll have to use everything in the environment plus the ricochet of your shot to your advantage. All in all however, it’s a lot easier to take down your targets here than in the previous game.

new levels

Noticeably absent from the initial levels at least, is the switch from the third installment. The switch often made the puzzle element very difficult in the game. But that doesn’t mean that this game is any easier. In many stages the targets’ placement is still very difficult. There are also bonus levels with elements from Ricochet Kills 3 later in the game. But unlocking them may take some effort. You’ll have to finish all the levels with a maximum of 250 shots to do it.

Also, if the switch is noticeably absent in the early levels, it’s also very evident that the level editor has returned after being shelved from the third game. This is a very good addition to bring back to the series, and it works as it always had in the past.

Place the targets and the objects where you want and arrange them to create your own level. You can also play levels created by other players.

Age Appropriateness

The game has always been a little bloody and violent. It’s still not as prominently violent as most games out there. Violence isn’t really highlighted here though it’s there. The game still emphasizes skill to take your targets down. For that, this game would be at it’s minimum age, played by 13 year olds with supervision from their parents.







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