Ricochet Kills 3

In the third installment of the physics based puzzle shooter Ricochet Kills there are a lot of subtle differences but these differences are felt most, gameplay wise.

Same Graphics

Graphically, the game is pretty much the same as Ricochet Kills 2. The main character and his targets are exactly the same from the last game.


Fans of the series will recognize the same trench coat covered hit man and his suit and tie targets. The targets retain their rag doll physics and generous bleeding after being hit from the last game. The exploding barrels, the rolling balls, boxes and the falling platforms are all retained from the last game. There are a few notable additions to the old objects. There is now a switch which when shot by your bullet opens up formerly sealed areas. And here is where the game begins to subtly differ from the previous one.

More Puzzle Elements

Shooting these switches to open up areas to shoot your targets, can really prove to be a challenge. The switches are usually hard to shoot because of their placement. Add to this the fact that your amount of bullets vary per level and you’ ll really have to aim and choose your shots very wisely. This leaves you with the feeling that the “puzzle” element in this puzzle shooter has increased greatly.

There are other elements which will have you literally picking your shots. Even if they’ re not in areas that can only be opened by the switches, targets are often placed in really hard to reach areas. Bullets are often not as plentiful in the last two installments. The old standard 10 bullets from the first Ricochet Kills is almost nonexistent in this game. Also your bullets do not ricochet as far, as wide, or as much as the last two games. You’re going to have to keep this in mind to maximize the damage it can make. A lot more planning before shooting will have to be done here to get all the targets.


Lastly there is a new reload feature. Unlike the previous games where you were forced to reset when you ran out of ammo but still had targets, here you can now reload your gun and get all your bullets back. The price however, is that all the targets you killed become active again. It’s still better than resetting all over again and you’ll probably have a better idea how to line them all up and take them down.

All this makes this installment just a little bit tougher than the first two. The first installment focused on racking up your kill count and raising your score. The second focused more on the mayhem you could inflict on the environment which would lead to more kills. The third has you really thinking where to place your shots. These new elements make the game a lot more challenging to play but it may give newbies picking up the game for the first time, a little bit of difficulty.

Out with the old in with the new

The old Level editor feature that was prominent in the last 2 installments has now been removed and replaced with achievements that can be done in the game. There are 10 achievements to be completed in the game. The achievements are nice but old players may miss the old level editor, as you could be creative with it.
Overall, Ricochet Kills 3 is a nice addition to the series. It’s a little more challenging than the last 2 installments. This third installment will test your brain as much as it will test your trigger finger.



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