Ricochet Kills 2

The second installment of the physics based puzzle shooter Ricochet Kills has a lot of noticeable differences over the last installment.

New graphics and look

Graphically, the game looks a little better.


The main character retains his old look from the first game. But the targets all clearly look different from the main character. It’s clear they wear suits and the main character is in a trench coat. This may be a minor difference but it helps to clearly set them apart. This is unlike the first game where the main character and the targets looked virtually identical. The blood also is now more abundant and clearer than the first. It’s gotten a little bloodier so the age appropriateness may have to be increased just a little bit for older players.

Another noticeable difference is the targets now have rag doll physics. Unlike the first game, they now crumple and collapse when hit. Generally, the game has become more graphically violent. This also becomes especially clear with the new gameplay elements.


In the first game it was just all about hitting targets in succession with your bullet that ricocheted. A simple addicting basic premise which is still intact here, but now it gets even more addicting with the addition of rolling balls that can crush the targets, falling boxes, platforms and even exploding barrels. Just looking at all those new objects makes it clear that the potential for mayhem and chaos on the second game has increased rather dramatically.

The number of shots available to you now also varies. In the previous game, you had a set number of 10 shots to take down your targets. Now the number of shots varies per level. In the first level you’re only given 5 shots, in another 8 in another 6, and well, you get the picture. But if you think this makes it harder to take the targets down, think again. All those new objects mentioned earlier actually makes it much easier to take down targets. Plus the bullet seems to have become bouncier. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems the bullet bounces a lot more now. This makes it actually more destructive on it’s own. Plus the objects mentioned above, and total chaos per level is almost a foregone conclusion.


Use these new objects to take down the targets in the level as best as you can. You can still view the posted highscores of other players but now your score is not displayed when you kill opponents. It’s really more about just taking down the targets and yes, the gratuitous violence from doing so! It’s a great stress reliever to take multiple targets down in this game so I wouldn’t recommend kids play this but it’s appropriate for teens. 15 years and above would be appropriate for this game.

A Little Twist

There’s a little added twist to the game. Whereas in the first game you couldn’t die, now you actually can! It’s actually improbable but it can happen. With all the chaos going on, the objects that hurt your targets can hurt you. You still can’t be hit by your own ricocheting bullet, but rolling balls and exploding barrels can hurt you as well now. Granted, with their positioning, it’s unlikely to happen, but it can so be a little careful.

Old Elements

The game retains it’s level editor. With all these new elements, making levels becomes a lot more fun. If you’re really up for a challenge, place all the objects close to you so you can get hurt, just like your targets! It’s just one new idea, of whole lot of new possibilities for this game.

With all the new gameplay elements in place Ricochet Kills 2 is just as quick to pick up, easy to play, and addicting as the first game. If you like quick and easy but challenging shooters, this is a good game for you.

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