Ricochet Kills 1

Ricochet kills is a simple shooting game that requires a lot of skill to play. You play only as a single-player, however there is a level editor mode that allows you to create custom levels.

The game consists of only one lead character. A black outline of a man with a gun. Except for his gun, he actually looks no different from the targets he’s supposed to shoot in the game. There’s no backstory about this guy and there doesn’t really need to be any. Because of the simplistic nature of the game,this generically designed main character is adequate.

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However, don’t let the simple design and presentation of the game fool you. There’s a lot of skill involved in this game.


Control your character with the mouse. Move your mouse where you want to shoot. Your character will point his arm where you want to shoot. Simply click where you want to fire his gun and press the left click button. He will then fire, and depending on where he fires, and how the bullet bounces and ricochets, you can take down a number of targets.  Each target is worth 10 points on it’s own but if the bullet takes down several targets one after the other combo-style, your score will increase. For example a single target is only 10 points. But take down one target then another and another and the score increases. Your first target is worth 10 points, the second 20 points, the third 30 and so on and so forth.

So it’s a good thing if you can line up your targets and take them all down. You have 10 bullets to take down an increasing number of targets per level. Plus as you progress through the levels targets are placed in increasingly inconvenient areas that are difficult for your ricochet bullet to reach. If you run out of bullets you have no choice but to reset the level where you played and start again. You maintain level progress however your previous score is erased and this can be quite frustrating especially after having racked up a high score so plan those shots well! As you can see, a good knowledge of the laws of physics and motion is actually a plus in this game.

level 1

If you feel like being creative or just enjoy designing your own levels the level editor is for you. Using the level editor is fairly straightforward. The game will provide you blocks to create your platforms and obstacles where you want to place your targets and the targets themselves. Simply place the blocks and targets where you want and then play. There is also an option to get codes of levels other players have created and play them as well.

Extra Options

There is an option to view highscores of other players and you can post your comments about the game on the forum. There is also an option to turn off the sound of the game. But other than that there are no other extra options.

Age Appropriateness

Because of the graphic nature of the game and the way the theme is presented, it’s probably best that teens play this and 10-12 year olds play it but with adult supervision. The targets collapse when hit and there’s some blood but that being said, the violence, blood and gore is minimal. Just like everything about the game it’s pretty simple and straightforward. There are a lot more violent and shocking games out there. The game is more about skill than shock value so nothing really shocking or controversial here. Just a simple game that most ages can play and enjoy.







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