Raft Wars

Raft Wars is a shooting game just like Ricochet Kills. You may be aiming a gun and shooting at people, but you do it in the nicest way possible!

Game Background

Simon was a little boy who was playing on the beach, minding his own business, when he made an amazing discovery. Buried deep within the beach was treasure – solid gold and diamonds! Before he could recover all his riches, the good news made it to the newspapers. Very soon, Simon saw some unwelcomed guests approaching his beach. Pirates! Followed by Vikings, and City Goons – they all want the treasure for themselves.

It is up to Simon, along with his little brother, to defend his treasure before the hooligans can claim it.

Game Rules

In two rafts, armed with plastic guns, Simon and his brother guard their beach while the enemies attack from the other side. In a fair game, each party can shoot once, and wait for the other side to shoot. This battle will go on until both parties are knocked out from the weapons hitting them.

Simon may be using a plastic gun, but the enemy is not that mild. Their weapons range from canon to axes, guns to stones. However, all types of weapons do almost the same amount of damage. A perfect hit on the head is just what is needed to knock a person out – whether you are a little boy or a scary Viking.

Game Levels and Difficulties

The levels of the game get tougher and tougher as the villains increase in number as well as features. Pirates are replaced by Vikings with axes, who are replaced by city goons with big guns, and so on. They come in ships, rafts and speedboats, and become from two to three, and more.

One difficulty of this game is that the distance between Simon and the enemy units is too long, and he has to shoot on a hunch to hit. The target cannot be seen from where Simon is standing, and it is up to your premonition to raise and angle the gun to shoot. There are several levels in this game, and each level can only be played after passing the previous one.

Raft Wars

Also, there are a number of sharks and other animals present in the water which can either attack you, or act as a barrier between Simon and the enemies.

After finish all levels, you can check this link for new versions of Raft Wars .

Game Scoring and Purchases

Each level awards you a credit score based on the time taken to beat the enemies as well as your aim. The credit scores can be used to buy special weapons such as a grenade or a rocket. You can also upgrade your raft to something bigger and stronger with the credit scores.


Only the mouse is needed to control the game, shoot, purchase and choose options.

Age Limit

Although this is a shooting game, there is no age limit for this game, as it contains no violence and no gory details.

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