Games Like Ricochet Kills


The Ricochet Kills series has produced has produced 3 games and 2 player packs making for a total of 5 games in the series. Each one of the games are entirely different form the other but the basic gameplay of taking down targets using a ricocheting bullet has remained the same throughout all the installments. Various elements have been added as the series progressed most notably more destructive and interactive environments but the core gameplay has remained essentially intact. Because of this, the game has endured and become a solid favorite to play among gamers.

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If this is the case, the makers of Ricochet Kills should be flattered indeed as following here are 2 games that are very similar to Ricochet Kills and are most likely inspired from the game. How do they measure up? Are they as entertaining as the original? Let’s see.

Rabbit Sniper



You control a rabbit who must take down terrorists with his trusty firearm. Just like Ricochet kills, take them down with your ricocheting bullets. The emphasis is on using the bullets and the environment to take down your terrorist targets.

The game plays very similarly to Ricochet Kills 2 where the emphasis is on mayhem and chaos in the levels and through that mayhem you can take down your targets. Just like Ricochet Kills 2 there is a heavy abundance of objects in the game which can help you eliminate your targets. They are probably very familiar to Ricochet Kills players by now. There’s the exploding barrel, the rolling wrecking ball, crates, and falling platforms. There’s a new rolling wheel but it’s essentially the same as the wrecking ball. Also be a bit more careful in this game as the objects in the game can hurt you as well, and unlike Ricochet Kills 2, if you’re not careful you could find yourself crushed by a rolling ball more often than you’d want.

Controls are also exactly the same as the Ricochet Kills games. Aim by simply moving the mouse and fire your gun by pressing the left click button. Veteran players of Ricochet Kills will have no trouble adapting to the controls here.

The game does give you 12 bullets per level which is really a lot. But other than that the game breaks no new ground. If you want to play more puzzle shooting physics games give this one a shot. It’s not really different but it’s still entertaining.

Silent Killer: Special Forces




Just like the game above Silent killer: Special Forces plays identically to Ricochet Kills. You are a soldier trying to take down your enemies. Graphically the game looks a little different than the other games. The rag doll physics of the targets are still there but there’s no blood when you hit them. This makes it look a lot less violent than it is.

It may look different but the objectives are alike. You have to take down your targets using your ricocheting bullets and destructive objects in the environment. Unlike the previous game, there is a slight difference. There is an abundance of explosive barrels but other than that and a few crates nothing else. There’s not much in the environment to help you take your targets down. The bullets are also sparse. 4 to 6 bullets are given to you to clear a level. All this makes taking your targets down a little bit more difficult in this game. You’re going to have to plan your shots here, a bit like Ricochet Kills 3, only with less stuff in the environment. This game will have you planning your shots a little more than Rabbit Sniper.

It may be very similar to the Ricochet Kills games but just like Rabbit Sniper, it’s also entertaining in it’s own way. For this reason alone, it’s a good idea to play these games.





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