Ricochet Kills 4

Ricochet kills is a simple, but addicting shooting game that requires a lot of skill to play. If you haven’t had enough of the first Ricochet Kills game, you should play Ricochet Kills 4 ( Players Pack).  This version boasts of more levels and more targets to shoot at. Just like the first game, you only have a single-player mode, and a level editor to create levels that are custom-made for your preferences in shooting targets.

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Just like the first Ricochet Kills, the hitman returns and there are a lot of targets to mow down.

For gamers new to the title or to those who played the first game, it plays exactly like the first installment so there will be no adjustment at all. It looks and plays generally the same as the first.


As in the last game, control is done with the mouse. Simply move your mouse to aim for the spot where you want the hitman to shoot. He will then point his arm where you want to shoot. Press the left click button when you’ve decided to fire. He will then fire a bullet that bounces and ricochets a lot. As long as you aim and plan your shot well, this has the potential to mow down your targets like ducks in a firing range. Individually, a target is worth 10 points. But if you manage to take down your targets in succession before the bullet stops ricocheting your score will increase, and increase dramatically. Take down one target then another and another and watch as your score increases significantly.

Ricochet Kills 4

In this scenario, let’s say you did hit 3 targets in a row. The  first target is worth 10 points, the second 20 points and the third 30 points. You can really rack up a high score very quickly this way. So it’s really recommended that you line up your targets and take them out one by one. You’re given 10 bullets per level to take down the targets. The catch is, the targets are often placed inconveniently, in places that are hard to reach, so you’ll have to use the ricochet of the bullet to your advantage.

Unlike the first game and Ricochet Kills 3, in some levels the targets are placed almost all in a row. This makes it a lot easier to mow them all down like dominoes. There are still some levels where you’ll really have to judge how your shot will ricochet but there are also levels where it’s just simply satisfying to mow them down. The game is a little bit easier in this regard than the first, but you’ll still have to plan your shot well here.

The level editor works exactly the same way as it did in the first game. Simply place the blocks and targets where you want and create your own custom level. You can also choose to select codes of levels other players have created and play them as well.

Graphically, there is only the slight addition of adding a target reticle to the screen. The crosshairs don’t really make a difference in the game. It’s simply for a more intense and grittier look to the game.

level 4


Age Appropriateness

The game is probably suitable for at least 10 year olds up at the very least. But kids playing should be with adult supervision just to explain the game. But that being said, the game is not overly bloody or violent. It’s still very simplistic in gameplay and presentation. It’s really still all about taking down as many targets as you can with a trick shot that ricochets.

Mobile Versions

Currently there are no official mobile versions of this game. Some fans developed similar mobile games that I am sure you will find very fun. One of them is Serial Killer :Shooting. This game can be downloaded to your Android device. It is not heavy and will work on old devices as well. It is very fun and reminds the Ricochet Kills games very much.


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